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Sizing & Condition

Vintage sizes are wildly different than modern clothing sizes. For this reason, any clothing tag sizes for womens vintage will not be listed on an items description to avoid confusion. Approximate sizes are based on the sizing chart below but to ensure the best fit please follow an items measurements and compare them against your own body's measurements or an item you already own and love.

How It's Measured

All clothing items are measured while laying flat in the appropriate areas and are doubled/undoubled where appropriate. Measurements are done in inches and are approximated to the nearest inch or half inch.

Size Chart

The approximate sizes are based on the following size chart:

EXTRA SMALL: Bust 32", Waist 24"
SMALL: Bust 33-34", Waist 25-26"
MEDIUM: Bust 35-36", Waist 27-28"
LARGE: Bust 37-38", Waist 29-30"
EXTRA LARGE/PLUS SIZE: Bust 39+", Waist 31+"


Pinned to Model

This refers to whether or not an item was clipped in the back of the model or dress-form.

Model Measurements

For reference, here are the dress-form and model measurements:

Marie is a 1950 size 10 Benjamin Model - S 14", B 33.5", W 24.5", H 32"
Mirabelle was recovered and hand-stitched by Linda - S 15.5", B 40", W 31", H 39"
Mona is a 1961 size 10 Wolform - S 12.5", B 35", W 24", H 34.5"
Meg is 5'8" tall, S 15", B 34", W 27.5", H 38.5" size small


Need More Measurements?

Not a problem! Please contact us with the item you would like assistance with.

Identifying Vintage

At Storyland Vintage we sell 100% vintage items. For us, vintage means items that are 25 years or older. We have been buying, wearing, selling and loving vintage since 2004 and have years of experience identifying vintage. Items are identified to be vintage by the overall feel and look of the item, materials and fabric used and any brands, labels or tags on the garment or accessory. Research may also be done into the brand of the item to determine age. As much research and experience we have though, determining age for vintage will only ever be an educated guess as we were not present when the item was being made.


Since the items are old they cannot be expected to be in new condition as they have probably been used/worn and experienced wear at some point. Any noticeable flaws will be noted in an items description, however sometimes minor flaws may be overlooked. Items are rated by condition on each item page and they are defined in the chart below:

MINT: Deadstock item, presumably never worn with original tags/packaging.
EXCELLENT: A fantastic find, near perfect!
GREAT: A couple flaws or signs of wear that do not retract from the piece.
GOOD: A few flaws that may be noticeable, may be able to be repaired and cleaned.
FAIR: A study piece, too cool to trash but probably not good enough to wear without significant work.