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About Us

Storyland Vintage is a online shop dedicated to bringing feminine & fun vintage clothing & accessories from the 1940's - 1980's to gals around the world.

Hello and welcome! I'm Meg Darling!

hello there!

I am the founder, vintage buyer, seller, vintage lover, store curator, photographer, sometimes model, shipper, webmaster, etc...of Storyland Vintage!

I have fond childhood memories of growing up on Long Island in a home built by my Swedish great-grandparents, my mother sewing all my Halloween costumes, staying indoors to watch Betty Boop cartoons on Sunday afternoons, playing store with new clothes after a trip to the mall, watching the movie La Bamba at 6AM(fun fact, I learned what vanity names are from this movie, my real name is Hayes and I got Darling from the most creative blonde on Nickelodeon in the 90's) and generally always trying to entertain and amuse myself, family & friends. It was very apparent that fashion was my calling from a young age. I loved putting on a dress before going out to dinner with the family. But, I loathed having my style copied and remember getting upset when a friend bought the same scrunchie as me in elementary school. My background, interests, personality and yearning to be unique have certainly lead me to loving vintage clothing. Vintage allows me to preserve history and express my feminine and fun self through it. Nothing thrills me more than digging through boxes of clothes at an estate sale, unknowing what I may pull out, hoping for treasure and hysterically laughing when I pull out something that is less than treasure. "Picking" vintage is a spiritual sport for me, I have found a majority of vintage pieces by following my gut and just feeling them out. Weird I know, but unfortunately I don't have a poker face or mouth because when I do find something awesome I tend to audibly gasp and get very excited..oops! I guess I show my cards too easily but I am an honest gal and there is no hiding what I love!

As a shy and introverted teenager I found an outlet through developing my personal style and expressing myself through fashion down the hallways in school. Always wanting to switch up my wardrobe, I began selling my closet castoffs on LiveJournal under the name Drop Your Drawers. Soon enough I was thrift store shopping and integrated vintage into my own wardrobe and DYD! From 2004-2008 I sold vintage clothing under that name on LiveJournal, Ebay, my own website and later Etsy. In 2007 I was listed in the top vintage clothing sites in Bust Magazine. But in 2009 DYD became Storyland Vintage and I opened another Etsy shop. While running my business I earned degrees in business, fashion merchandising and in 2014 I interned in the costume department on the television show The Good Wife where I fully realized my passion and talent for costume. After over 1,208 sales today 3/1/2016 I have come back to where I began, opening my own eCommerce site. With this shop I aim to offer even more of my handpicked vintage stock around the world!

Holy moly! I cannot believe I have been doing this for 11 years now! Thank you to my parents for supporting/putting up with me and thank YOU for allowing me to share my passion and gift in life with you! I hope in the next 11 years to go on vintage shopping trips around the world, getting my vintage featured in more films and projects and ultimately opening up a storefront so I can gush to you in person!

hearts, meg

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Meet the other cast and characters behind Storyland Vintage...

 About Linda Hayes Linda Hayes is the other human member of the Storyland Vintage team, my assistant buyer, seamstress, stain fighter, photographer when I am in front of the camera, shipping courier and most of all the world's best Mom and friend! As a teenager she sewed her own clothing. As a hospital surgical nurse she would carry body parts, now she just carries piles of vintage out of estate sales! She loves cooking, spoiling her 4 grandchildren, Elvis and trashy Lifetime movies. Here's a snapshot of her in the 1970's!


Marie, Mirabelle & Mona Marie is a 1950 size 10 Benjamin Model and is named after my next door neighbor in East Meadow. Mirabelle was recovered and hand-stitched lovingly by Linda and is also named after my neighbor growing up. Mona is a size 10, Wolform dress form circa 1961. She is named after a character from Salute Your Shorts. I spotted her in the musty basement at an estate sale and immediately made my way to her, carrying her up the rickety staircase and making her an integral part of the Storyland Vintage team since about 2009.


Marilyn & Marian 
Marilyn was purchased on a whim from a exuberant antique store owner in 2014. She rocks a smokey eye with a coral lip and a short haircut. Marian the beautiful, vintage mannequin head hails from southern America and arrived safely at my doorstop a few years back. She may have a few chips in her paint and marks on her face but they don't detract from her beauty and grace. She is lovingly named after a very inspiring former shop owner on Long Island.


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